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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions Page! I've compiled a list of answers to hopefully help you to better understand our website and products. If you find that you have a different question please reach out to us at hello.em.and.elle@gmail.com

Q-How long will it take to ship my order?

A- Each item is handmade and made to order just for you. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing your order and creating your product.

I say business days because at Em&Elle we value family time away from the office, so the vast majority of the work is done Monday-Friday. If you place your order on Friday please understand that your item will not ship until the following Friday at the earliest. 


Q-How long does shipping take?

A- That depends on which shipping option you choose at checkout. We use USPS to ship items in 2 categories. As you know the Post Office has announced in Oct 2021 that moving forward that shipping times will be slower than they were. In an attempt to become financially secure the USPS has decided to stop using air travel to move packages across the country and will rely solely on ground transport. 

What that means for you- Shipping will take longer than it used to. Please be aware of this and plan accordingly. 

First Class Mail: 4-7 business days

Priority Mail: 4-5 business days

Free Shipping: If you qualify for Free Shipping your item will be shipped using Priority Mail.


Q-Will my planner and t-shirt order ship together?

A- No. Our accessories dept. is outsourced to a wonderful company based in the United States and they have their own processing and shipping department. You will receive an update from them when your accessory order ships. If you have any questions regarding your accessories order please reach out to our team at hello.em.and.elle@gmail.com.

Q-Does my planner automatically come with a cover?

A- No, you will need to choose a planner cover set to add to your order, and they are available here. You can choose as many sets as you like, as the covers are all interchangeable, but you need to include at least one set with your planner order. 

We are unable to complete any order without a cover set selection. If you happen to place an order without a cover selection, we will email you and ask that you place an additional order for the cover. 

If you are unable to complete the second cover order, we will cancel your original order and fully refund your purchase.