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Wow Your Customers & Keep Them Coming Back For More-

March 11, 2020

Wow your customers and create raving fans to grow your salon

The easiest and most inexpensive way to grow a loyal following is to create an unforgettable customer experience, one that will make them rave to their friends and family about you and book a follow-up appointment before they ever leave your salon. Having a loyal customer base doesn't require you to spend any money on advertising, brings in better tips, and keeps you booked out months in advance. So how do you wow your customers and create an experience they'll be too excited about not to share?


Building rapport with your customers is an essential part of creating a wow experience. It's not very often that people are asked about themselves, and most of the time people will jump at the opportunity to talk about their lives. Allowing someone to speak without talking over them, cutting off the conversation or jumping in with your own story will go a LONG WAY in your customers' minds.

Next time they're sitting in your chair, ask about the things they talked about- "How's your sick dog doing?" "How did your interview go?" "I checked out that coffee shop down the street you mentioned and you're right, the check out guy is super cute!"

Worried you won't be able to remember little tidbits about all of your customers? A customer profile book is a great place to jot down notes, and an easy place to refer back to right before they sit down in your chair. 


The entire experience from the moment your customers walk in the door to the moment they leave should be on-brand for you-

Are you the upbeat, colorful and fun stylist? Having colorful capes and funky stickers adorning your mirror would make you stand out in a sea of black capes and boring mirrors. Make the experience unforgettable by infusing your brand into everything your customer interacts with.

(Image source: Pinterest)

You could have a cheetah print cushion in your chair for extra support and a dash of glam, or maybe it's a faux flower surround on your mirror for a touch of whimsy.

Have fun with it! You may not be able to control what the entire salon vibe is but there are small things you can do to set yourself apart and make the experience memorable.

(image source: Pinterest)

**Little extras like this can increase your Perceived Value in the eyes of your clients. A $200 haircut will be a small price to pay for a glamorous afternoon of pampering, something your customers would not experience with a 15-minute quick wash and trim. 

Follow Up-

How do your customers continue to experience your brand after they've left the salon?

Are they taking home a sample bottle of the conditioner you used to try at home?

Did you explain what products and tools/techniques customers can use to recreate their look at home?

Did you send them off with an on-brand sticker that has your info on it? A sticker or window cling serves not only as a reminder of their stellar experience with you, but also as an advertisement to others. Win-win!

When you took down your clients' info I assume you got their address and birthday? (HINT- if not you should!) Sending your customers a handwritten birthday card is an amazing way to make your customers feel special! Worried that will take too much time?

Round up all of your clients who have birthdays that month, and send everyone a birthday card at the beginning of the month. You could say something like "Your birthday is coming up! I hope you have a fabulous birthday month, wishing you all the best hair days~" Get birthday postcards pre-printed at Vistaprint with your branding and logo, and then handwrite the note and address. Easy peasy!

Yes, all of this takes extra effort and yes you're already busy. But wouldn't you rather be busy cultivating relationships that will last than hustling to get new customers every day?

Let me know in the comments how you creating raving fans and keep your clients coming back for more-



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