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How To Use Facebook To Boost Your Salon Business

February 15, 2020

How To Use Facebook To Boost Your Salon Business

When you're out with your friends and someone says 'I want pizza, where's the closest pizza place?' what's the first thing you do? You get out your phone and Google---> pizza places near me. Pretty straight forward right? You check out reviews, see what people have to say, make a decision to order from that place or find another one. The whole process takes maybe a minute? You know which one you didn't choose? The pizza place that didn't show up on Google. The one that didn't have a website or Facebook page with reviews. 

The hard truth is that if you have a business with a location, you NEED to be searchable. So if you don't already have your salon on Google Business, I'm going to walk you through how easy it is to get set up right now. This is the first step in using Facebook to boost your biz. 

1. Google my Business

Click on the link above, follow the guided prompts to add your business on Google. 

 2. Add your Facebook page as your 'website'

3. Your Facebook Business page-- 

Ok so now that your salon is searchable and will show up on Google Maps when people look for a hair salon near them, it's time to make sure your Facebook page is set up to convert lookers into customers. This is where knowing your customers and your branding choices come into play--Big Time. 

    a.     Your Message--

What message do you want to send to potential customers? Are you an upscale salon who caters specifically to high-end clients, are you an affordable salon that offers great services at great prices, or are you content doing quick cuts at low prices? Each of these demographics needs to have a place to get their hair cut, and each expects something different from their experience. Your branding and your message need to be cohesive with the clientele you want to attract. 

     b.  Posting for Engagement-

While it's important to post photos of haircuts, colors and styles that you've created, it's equally as important to post photos that are not of hair. Yes, you're a hairstylist, but you're so much more than a hairstylist. What sets you apart from the other dozen salons in town? Connect with your audience through your story.

Why did you choose to become a stylist? Why do you enjoy making people feel beautiful? Do you maybe know how it feels to hide from the world when you don't feel confident in your look, and you're passionate about using your gift to help others shine bright and run toward their life instead of hiding from it? Use what motivates you to connect with your customers.


     c. Different Types of Posts

Below you'll find 7 different kinds of posts you can make to engage with your current and future customers. Remember, people want to buy from people, so don't be afraid to be yourself!

*You-- Post pics of you working, on a great cut or a new color, a fancy up-do, putting in extensions. Putting a face to the name creates confidence in the mind of your potential customers.

*Videos-- I know creating and posting videos can be scary, but pushing yourself to step outside your comfort zone is going to put you a step ahead of your competition. That goes for anything--> if its outside of your comfort zone it's probably outside of your competition's comfort zone, so go for it and get ahead of the game!

*Change up where you take before and after shots-- Take some of your pics outside, in front of the door to your salon, in front of a red carpet style backdrop. Give your clients a "Selfie Station"--> a place for them to take their own hair shots with your #Hashtag on the mirror. That will incentivize them to post the pic on their socials and tag you.

Free Advertising + Social Proof= GOLD

*If you're the salon owner, doing a profile for each of your hairstylists is a great way to engage with your audience and introduce your crew to the public.

*You- again :) Do you teach other stylists little tips or tricks? Have you been to any training where you've learned new skills?

*Community- Show your team spirit with posts about you diving into your community and being an active participant in the town your clients live in.

*Lifestyle pics- Share pictures of wedding/prom/special occasion hair alongside lifestyle photos of the event that showcase your hairdo in real life.

 4. Getting Reviews

We know that reviews are the lifeblood of pretty much any business today, but getting reviews can be difficult and asking for reviews can feel icky--

It doesn't have to feel icky, especially if you ask from a genuine place. I've been going to my current stylist for 2 years now, but after the first visit, I knew that she was the one for me.

On my second visit, as she was sitting me down in the dryer chair and I was pulling out my phone, she casually mentioned that she would be very appreciative if I wanted to leave an honest review of her services on the salon's Facebook page.

I already had my phone out, and within 60 seconds I had left her a glowing review and went right back to scrolling.

It was seamless and painless, and brilliant I thought on her part. I was back for a second visit, so she knew I was happy with her services, and she asked at a perfect time to ensure a review. 

Another way to get reviews that I have encountered and thought was fantastic is by leaving a note in a gift bag- When I was in high school my best friend's mom owned a salon in our hometown called Panache, and it certainly was! She did everything there (hair, nails, facials, tanning,) and I remember being blow away by how busy she always was! The part that stuck out to me was that she gave out gift bags to her first-time customers that had a little shampoo, conditioner, face cream samples and other items of that nature. They were tied up in a small bag with her card, and ----if Facebook had existed back then---- that would have been the perfect place to ask for a review. 


Remember those growth spurts we all went through in adolescence? They were awkward, and a bit painful. But we survived, and grew into the amazing women we are today. That's how growing your business can feel sometimes, but I promise the more you put yourself out there, post on social and engage with your customers the more comfortable you'll become doing it! 

Grab a notebook or open a new computer document and write down your ideas on new ways to post on Facebook to engage with your followers. Then let me know in the comments below how you're going to step up your posting game! 



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