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How To Set Up A Customer Loyalty Program & Get Influencers For Your Salon

February 28, 2020

How To Set Up A Customer Loyalty Program & Get Influencers For Your Salon

Having a loyalty program isn't a new idea. Everyone from the coffee shop down the street to Amazon is using a loyalty program in one way or another and for good reason. Incentivizing customers to return to your salon again and again not only increases your revenue, but it also cuts down on advertising costs--> selling to an existing customer is 5-25% less expensive than getting new customers. So how do you keep customers coming back for more? Points and incentives~

Setting up your Loyalty Program-

Create an irresistible offer-

If you've been in the biz for any amount of time, you've listened to your customers while they're in your chair. What are their pain points? Do they feel undervalued at their job? Are they wearing too many hats at home, never having time to take care of themselves? Do they feel frumpy and unattractive and tired and just.. bleh? I would venture to guess most people feel like that at least some of the time. That's why creating an 'exclusive' yet easy to join Rewards program is so awesome! Your customers feel like they're part of something special, like they're efforts are being rewarded and in the process spend more time being pampered in your chair. 

Promote Exclusivity- 

Create a list of perks that only customers who are members of your loyalty program can redeem. Being an Insider or a VIP is a great way to make your customers feel a little more special and taken care of.

Have a variety of rewards-

This could be offering free blowouts, discounts on services and products, free sample products. Consider having multiple tiers of rewards based on points accumulated, and let your customer choose their reward. Say getting 100 points gets them a free blow out, 250 points will get them 25% off a service and 1000 points will reward them with a free service. Your customers can decide if they want to save up their points for one big reward or use them across multiple smaller rewards. 

Make it easy to join and earn-

The easier it is to join the more likely it is people will take the time to sign up. Consider the least possible amount of info needed- Name, email and maybe birthday- The less time it takes to sign up the better.

Then consider when your customer is signing up-

Are you asking them to sign up when they checkout? Chances are you have most of that information already when they are paying for their services. Now would be a good time to ask if they would like to be a rewards member and if they say yes tell them you will take care of signing them up. You can send them an email with their membership info, how to get and redeem rewards, ect. 

Make the points easy to earn and easy to redeem-

It makes sense to have a system set up that allows customers to earn points on the money they spend, but you might also allow customers to earn points for referring friends, get points when they sign up and on their birthday, and earn points for posting and tagging you on their socials. Earning points on the money they spend can feel like you're just trying to get more of their money, but giving them an opportunity to earn points for doing free things will make people feel good about you and your brand.

Influencers & Brand Ambassadors

 This idea can be used in a variety of ways and the principles are basically the same. Whether you're creating a Loyalty Program, getting Influencers or looking for Brand Ambassadors the concepts are the same. 

For Influencers and Brand Ambassadors, an easy way to track points is to create a referral code for each Influencer. When that code is redeemed the Influencer gets points toward perks. You could print the referral code on the back of your business card and give each Influencer 10 (+) business cards to hand out.

The same idea can be used in the digital world. An Influencer or Ambassador could post on their socials a digital code that can be redeemed for points, each time their code is using in your salon.



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