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5 Ways To Keep Your Business Moving Forward During A Crisis

March 16, 2020

5 Ways To Keep Your Business Moving Forward During A Crisis

Everybody is freaking the F* out right now, and you may be too. How is my business going to handle a 2 week shut down? Will my customers come back? What am I going to do alone for 14 days??  How do I keep from losing my mind?

Firstly my love, take a second and just breathe. Take a couple of big breaths in and out. Everything is going to be ok. The key to keeping your panic and anxiety at bay during a tough time is to stay positive and pick a project.

Here are 5 ways to keep your business moving forward when you're standing still.

1.Engage with your Followers and potential Customers on Social-

People turn to social media as a way to distract and entertain themselves, but lately, even social media has been inundated with panic-inducing posts and memes. Stand out from the crowd and engage with your customers and followers by offering positive posts.

Your customers NEED you right now-

Even if they cannot physically come to see you, you can still serve your community through encouraging, positive and/or funny social media posting. Constant chaos is exhausting and your followers will greatly appreciate a place to rest their eyes, and minds.


2.Content Planning!

Planning out your social media posting can be time-consuming, but guess what?


Take a day or 2 and really plan out the nitty gritty of your content. Think about upcoming holidays, seasons and celebrations that your customers will be engaging in.

If you use online content planning tools like Tailwind now is the perfect time to fill your scheduled queue with kick-butt content your customers' can't wait to see. 



3.Test new products

Now that the mad dash holiday season has passed you have the opportunity to test out some new products that you didn't have time to look into before.

Is there a new hot conditioner on the market you've been wondering about?

Or maybe your customers have asked for your recommendation on products you haven't explored yet?

Snag some mini or sample size products and have fun pampering yourself while you're stuck inside! Take notes and don't forget to get some before & after pics to reference back to.


4.Learn Something New/ Practice A Skill

Yes, you're stuck inside. But that doesn't mean you don't have access to the internet!

Youtube is a magical land filled with tutorials and how-to videos- so take this mini staycation as an opportunity to learn or perfect a skill you've been wanting to learn/perfect. 

Need help? You can't go to work but maybe you can call up one of your girlfriends and invite her over for a spa date. You can practice updos on her and she can enjoy having her hair done.

You'll have portfolio pics, you can post about it on social, and you won't be bored.


5.Do the things you never 'have any time to do.'

We all have things on our "If I Only Had Time' List- I know I have about a million things I constantly think I would get done if I didn't have to sleep at night. 

Now's the time y'all. 

Make a list of all the things you would do if time wasn't an issue. Even the crazy ideas, even the ones you think there's not enough time to do. What would make a huge difference in your business if you could find the time to get it done? 

Now prioritize. Take the top 3 items that would really make a difference in your life/business, the items that really pull at your heart. Write them down in a journal, schedule them in your phone or google calendar, make a plan to get it done. 



There's a lot of crazy out there right now. Make a promise to yourself to not get swept up in the insanity, and instead focus on the things you CAN control.

You can control how you use your time.

You can control how you react to situations.

You can control what you put into the world.

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