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4 Ways To Bring In New Clients This Week

March 23, 2020

4 Ways To Bring In New Clients This Week

I know chasing down new clients seems like a never-ending task. You're always trying new hashtags and posting new photos and sharing more and more and more to try and drum up interest. Do you feel like you're spinning your wheels? There's a better way. 

Let's talk about 4 ways you can bring in new clients this week- without offering discounts on your probably already underpriced services. 

1. Change the tone of your social media posts

When you're speaking online, what kind of language do you use? (and no this isnt a post about swearing, I do it all the time lol) 

Are you talking about yourself and what can do? Probably.. that's our natural default. But lemme tell ya something, that's not speaking to your customers. 

She wants an emotional connection to what you're saying, so you're going to need to get a little more creative with how you use your words on social media. 

Think about what she wants to hear-

If you spend all your time saying 'look at this pretty hairstyle I did' all she's hearing is what YOU did. She needs to imagine herself with that hairstyle and how she'll feel about herself sporting a new look. 

Change the focus of your posts from You to Her. ('Her' being your future customers.) 

An easy way to achieve this is to...

2. Use Storytelling 

You've got stories, even if you don't realize it yet. People walk in and out of your salon every day, most of them spend a decent amount of time talking to you. What do they talk about? 

How nice it is to finally get their hair done?

How awesome they feel when you're done working your magic?

Maybe they're getting ready to go on a trip and they're getting their hair done in preparation?

Or they have an interview next week and getting their hair done makes them feel like they're gonna kill it!


What about Your stories?

Using storytelling allows you to connect emotionally with your customers, and an emotional connection is what is going to make people choose you over the next salon down the street. 

3. Share happy customer reviews

It's not icky, I promise.

Especially if you use the methods we just talked about. Your customers are happy for a reason, and happiness is an emotion! So there's already an emotional connection to share, and a story behind why each of your customers was happy with their experience with you.

Maybe one of your girls was having a really bad day, and her time with you was just the pick me up she needed.

Tell her story along with the good review and remember to use words that speak to potential customers. 

Self-promotion isn't icky if it comes from a genuine place.

4. Instead of Discounting Services, Add Value Instead

I know your first reaction to slowing sales is to discount your services to make them more appealing to customers. 

Chances are your services are already underpriced, so let's not do that.

Instead, consider how you can add value to your current services. You could add a free deep conditioning service to your standard cut and color, or a free blowout if customers book their next appointment that day. 

Discounting your prices can make customers think your services are cheap.

It's the theory of You Get What You Pay For. 

Offering a $20 haircut is gonna make people think they're getting a $20 haircut. AND if they take that deal, they're going to expect every haircut to be $20.

But a $45 dollar haircut with a free deep conditioning mask is a hell of a deal, they know they're getting great service and BONUS they get super soft hair! Subconsciously, they know the haircut is $45, so next time they get their hair cut with you they expect that price tag, but not the deep conditioner that was a one time offer. 

Do you see the difference?

Wrap Up-

4 things you can do to bring in new clients this week-

1. Change the tone of your social media posts

2. Use Storytelling

3. Share Happy Customer Reviews

4. Add value to your services


Go grab your notebook or open a new word doc and write down some stories you can use this week in your posts. Find your customer reviews and plan out how you'll use that review with a story to reach your customers on an emotional level. 

Then let me know in the comments how you'll add value to your services~

Share this post with your stylist friends-- chances are she needs some help bringin in customers too! 







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